My Baby Can’t Read: Older Men Dating Younger Women

Sample From Upcoming Book:’Simple Steps…to A Better You’

Sweetback isn’t sweet and Super fly is walking. They all got older but what happened to wiser? There is a similar drive as men age that takes them down a male “menopausal road”. They too become victims to nature’s mischief that has etched elderly changes into a body once buffed. Now the proverbial yardstick of masculinity is the size of their wallet, expense of their car or penile size after Viagra. Only looking into those wall mirrors that cuts off at the shoulders and frame the face, since pride now limits the reflection they want to see. A little Grecian formula, Botox and failing eyesight might convince them not much has changed. They have become the “man in the facial mirror”.

also doesn’t help that scientists from Stanford and the University of California-Santa Barbara report, “Older men chasing younger women contributes to human longevity and the survival of the species.” Rod Stewart, David Letterman and Ron Isley have all had babies in their 50s and 60s. As aging women are falling off the fertility race, men are still running. This gives a macho credence to the fact that the occasionally limp can still pimp.

Carl just slipped in the back door, feeling his twenty-year-old girlfriend is well worth the risk. He creeps up the stairs to avoid the reason he is cheating, his wife. Convinced if she would listen more, talk less and treat him a little better…well, we all know that’s not the only reason. His past twenty years are riddled with responsibility, support, and maintenance, of others. While somewhere in there his own needs have been closeted, dust-covered and forgotten. Carl needs a diversion, someone that will make him feel good about himself, and who better than a twenty-year old. It won’t last, but is it suppose to? Just because you date someone younger doesn’t mean you’re younger. The age abyss creates a discommunication because you have so little in common. Also arthritic aches and early evening fatigue will soon compete with youthful spirit and sexual longevity. And the winner is…

But while Carl’s diverting, what about his wife?

“After having 4 kids and gaining 70 pounds, my job is to keep him miserable too.” Carl’s wife confidently utters to her friend. “I know what you mean. Your job use to be to take all his money but you already got that,” girlfriend replies.

Older women suffer from, “I got everything but him.” With maturity and time, we have reached many of our goals but our kids have grown while our personal relationship light dims. Something is lost and we don’t know how to get it back. We first become jealous as extra weight, thinning hair and a few wrinkles toys with our own security. Next meanness sets in as the only response we know to hurt. Then finally we explode into vengeance. Here comes the “sugar in the gas tank” or “hot grits”. No wonder he chooses someone not old enough to be aware of those retributions.

Younger girls are too engulfed in the “Sugar Daddy Syndrome” and remember space supratentorial is limited. However they have recognized the RWB, relationship with benefits…. your money, assets, power, and security. That becomes their attraction and shopping at the mall with your credit card a conquerable mission. But what does that say about a woman who doesn’t want to earn those things herself. It used to be, “ If you give up the milk he won’t want to buy the cow.” So, why does he want a cow that has no milk?